Elena Margarita Kakaliagou discovered music through her folk musician father and her piano lessons witch she started in the early age of 6, followed by choir, chamber music, classes for world and new music and music theory. On her 17 she

realized that piano practicing might be to much for her, so she decided to explore a new instrument, the French horn, that would totally change her musical approach.

Over her studies in:

-Greece with Vangelis Skouras (Diploma 2005)

-Graz/Austria, KUG, with Hector McDonald (BA of Arts 2007 & BA of music  pedagogy 2008)

-Sibelius Academy/Finland with Erja Joukamo-Ampuja (MA 2010),

She got familiar with the sound of the brass instruments, the power of breathing, the brass bands, marching bands and the symphonic orchestra…. She decided though to discover further the classical music of our time, so she applied and got scholarships for master classes by IMPULS 2007,2009 and 2013 in Graz with teachers like Mike Svoboda, Bill Formann and Frank Gratkowski and in Schwaz with Ensemble Modern in KLANGSPUREN (2007).

Elena got amazing inputs about horn playing,music, performance and aisthetics by teachers like Arkady Shilkloper, Ab Koster, Jukka Harju, Shingi Kangi, Caroline Ott, and many more.

Since2009 she has being performing with/for:

Contemporary music:

Ensembles :

- Kammerensemble Neue Musik Berlin

- United Berlin

- Ensemble Linea

- Ensemble Boswil

- Junge Musik ao..

Premieres and pieces (examples)

- Catherina Klement:“Landscape Schrattenberg“

- Sebastian Elikowski-Winkler: „Postskriptum“

- Lula Romero: “Anabasis”

- Torsten Papenheim: “BT N RS”

- Libero Mureddu : “Autoritratto”

- Andrew Bentley: “Z to S”

- Christos Farmakis: “Directors cut”

- Gabriel Paiuk: “Registers of listening”

- Simon Steen-Andersen: “Run time error”

- David Toop: “Flat time”

- Daniel Ott: “Ojota”

Festivals (examples)

- Warsaw Autumn (2010 PL)

- Musica (2011 FR)

- Musica Nova (2011FI)

- MAERZ Musik (2013 DE)

- 100° (2013 DE)

- Ultraschall (2013 DE)

- Klangwerkstatt (2012 DE)

- Randspiele (2011/12 DE)

- MuTeFest (2012 FI)

Free improv:


Ingrid Schmoliner, Matthias Erian, Samuell Stoll, Hilary Jeffery, Liz Allbee, Susanne Zapf,

Robin Hayward, Riikka Teresa Innanen, Thomas Noll, Marek Plucienik, Anni Elif Egecioglu,

Maria Elste, ao..


- La-bás (2009 FI)

- New Adits (2011 AT)

- Das Alles (2012/13 DE)

- Grabungen (2012 AT)

- Fake Finns (2011 FI)


Cofounder of:

- Rank Ensemble (

- PARA (

- Continuous Variation

- Luíss


PARA-ligo (creative sources 2012)

Kavafis (orchestra mobile 2012)

Photographs © by Elvira Faltermeier