Kleine Zeitung: New Adits Festival, Austria

The four-member performance group "Luiss" opened the series of contemporary music (of the New Adits festival). Who would have thought, what amazing sounds were created when the Austrian Ingrid Schmoliner banged the piano strings with mallets, the fingers of the Greek Elena Kakaliagou rhythmic clattered of her horn valves or  the soles of the Finnish dancer Riikka Theresa Innanen's feet gently grind the wooden floor?

With heightened attention, the three women react to each other and improvise, supported by a strangely attractive electric sound of the Austrian Matthias Erian.

The way they put their compositional process into a live scene, facilitates access to the challenging music. The musicians perform in twisted elegant outfits (fur scarf, red socks), whereas the plain shimmer of the leggings emphasizes the range of the dancer movements.

Innanen's contemporary movement vocabulary explores the fine line between precision of sound and body. Whether lying, crawling, touching: it always seem sounds materialize in her body.