A Walk in the Forest is a dance piece for two and an audience.

A Walk in the forest is a peace demonstration.

This  walk in the forest is a personal revolution with the potential to become collective. 

This walk in the forest is a meditation on alternatives: how to co-exists,

how we perceive the world, the others and ourselves,

how be in the moment, how to create, accept and believe in change.

"We have a cat with whom we take walks in the forest. When he doesn't see us, he calls us, like a radar letting us know where he is. The further away, the louder the meow.

When we walk in the forest, we do not do that."


I think this work is for me the most radical I've ever done, as it's leaving all the "hooks" and survival strategies I'm used to use as a performer. You can only prepare yourself well but once on stage your on you own.  I love the odd danger of the non-violent non-doing that brushes with yet flees definitions. The way we are together - always and even without knowing each other is like walking in the forest knowing I share it with the deer and the birds, elks, plants and possibly even other people. It is a reality I know but can't see, and leaning on this "invisible truth" is connecting me to the concept of faith.

In the practice of performing A Walk in the Forest, I find myself in awe with the courage of the freedom fighters relying on passive resistant - most famously Gandhi , Dalai Lama and Nelson Mandela but also all the millions of violated women and humiliated men. Giorgio and I only face an audience. They faced a oppressor more than willing to kill them and eradicate their peoples and culture.


Riikka Theresa Innanen


Giorgio Convertito

Riikka Theresa Innanen

Duration: 12 min


Miika Hyytiäinen, 

Bob Dylan

Supported by:

Daghdha Dance Company

FÀS Limerick

Irish Arts Council

Limerick City Council