NUMBER is an on-going Choreographic Experiment for a group. The work started during my Artist Residency at Daghdha Dance Company 2008-2009 and has been greatly influenced by collaboration with mathematician Alexis Clancy and our discussions

and experiments with the participating dancers.

This "game” of simultaneous moving, counting and speaking introduces an alternative approach to the body-mind work within choreography. In this work we have started out engaging movement with simple calculations working towards more complex formulas, insisting the brain and the body to work equally radical.

This balancing act in motion reveals patterns of thought, ones genetic structure, intimate strategies of surviving, and oddly enough, revives the holistic human.


Riikka Theresa Innanen


Alexis Clancy

Duration 45 min -60 min + QA 30-45 min

In collaboration with:

Daghdha Dance Company.

Supported by:

FÁS Limerick

Limerick Arts Council

Irish Arts Council

Svenska Kulturfonden

Zodiak - Center for New Dance

Helsinki City

pictures from
NUMBER Helsinki

"Before a number is a number, a number is a (quantum) wave.

[Assertion mine.]

By putting an Úna sequence into the mind of a moving dancer, the

wave can be re-instantiated in mind and body - the dancer becomes a

"wave mimic."

With a number of dancers, the dance floor can become an observable

quantum field.

In a sense, it is a new type of fractal, where an Úna sequence (which is

non linear governor in a fictional sense) is reiterated in a non-linear

field (that is the coupled minds and bodies of the dancers).

[The novelty of this fractal lies in the fact that not only is the governor

non-linear - so to is the field upon which the fractal is generated.] "

- Mathematician Alexis Clancy