Dance as organic cycle of metamorphosis.

Skin(s) Cradle is Regeneration of New Skin, shapes and spaces and stories from the inner universe of the body.

Metaphors of Shape Shifting

through concepts such the

“Alien Anatomy”.

Dancer, a sculptor in action

Inspired by Louise Bourgeois:

her spirit as a artist and creating art as well as her themes of identity, sexuality, physicality, feminism  - and and her complex emotional relationship with the world.

Bourgeois' work, and the creative process we bring on stage to be witnessed, contains an immense power of a story, manifested in  shapes and spaces grabbing us viscerally, emotionally and intellectually.

Simple growing into complex trough Movement.

Learning from the world we live in - biological, technological, artistic, mystic-

the choreography it self is a structure to supporting new life forms, self-sustained, organic and intelligent.

A cycle of metamorphosis and re-adaptations, emergence and decay of

shape and identity.

It cradles a creative process juxtaposing experience and skill with

facing the unknown.

We sensed the potential for more, for dance to be

surprising, intriguing and independent. 

So we went for it.


Pictures from Ormston House,

Limerick January 2012