Works by Riikka Theresa Innanen

➛ Matkalla Onneen: touring group exhibition in Finland and Holland, Summer - Winter 2017 
➛ Lapsody May 2017
➛ Leaky loopy systems and intimate technology: Plant pigments, shapes and hortoculture lighting, Biofilia Laboraroty in Otaniemi
➛ Vad är konsten bra för? A documentary of Riikka Theresa Innanen by Barbro Björkfeldt on YLE Areena.
➛ Why Does My Sister Not Like Contemporary Art? A duet by Liiisa Pentti  2.-3.12.2016 STOA
➛ Leaky loopy systems and intimate technology: Edible solar cells with plant pigments, Biofilia Laboraroty in Otaniemi
➛ 2.6.2016 Kluuvi Shopping Centre / Utopia 2040: Reclaiming the Future event FutureHistory: State of Sharing Democracy 2040
➛ Installations Vituttaako and Grab - lupa koskea.
➛ Ballast #1 Earth. Exhibition at Beta Gallery. Video and sound installation at the prestigious Alvar Aalto campus building 1st to 7th of March 2016
➛ Interview on Luola on Basso Radio: Topic "The Ecology of Creativity (and more)". Podcast available via Basso ON DEMAND Mobile App.
➛ I Think Not touring again! it's an adaptation of Deborah Hay's solo dance choreography this time in Cardiff, Wales at CHAPTER Art Center
➛ Dance for Camera workshop at Outokumpu Dance Research, April 2015  WATCH
➛ WDMSNLCA i.e. Why Does My Sister Not Like Contemporary Art by Riikka and Liisa Pentti at Zodiak - Center For New Dance
➛ Aalto University works: BEDUIN BREAKFAST (tent of sensations and sense deprivation/enhancement full body wrappings) 
    and  BALLAST series on global transportation, contamination, migration and adaptation

➛ Festival Choreographer of  Tanssin Virtaa 2014 festival  Tampere 20-25.5.2014  with  The Tree of Happiness 
➛ Dance for Camera workshop at Outokumpu Dance Research, April 2014
➛ Rondo (Praxes itinérantes osa II) Höyhentämö Pluckhouse Artistic exchange project with and initiated by Akseli Aittoniemi
➛ UNI - The Duet Redux: Höyhentämö Pluckhouse  26.2.- 2.3.2014. Remake from 1997 with Giorgio Convertito
➛ Tree of Happiness. Social choreographic installation and pop up events at Full Moon Dance Festival, Finland 21.-25.7.2013
➛ Minä ja Dhaanto. Cultural arts project for Somali youth in Espoo, Finland (with EJY and Helinä Rautavaara Museum) 3-8.6.2013
➛ Luíss Research period in Vienna, Performance,  Raum_4, Vienna, April 2012
➛ Dance for Camera, Editing workshop at Outokumpu Dance Research, April 2013
➛ Tartu Käteen benefit concert Fundraiser and 10 year anniversary for Suomi-Benin Association. Kulttuuri Areena Gloria 16.4. klo 19-24 
➛ Artist Residency at Pa-f residency and working with DasArts & Social Dreaming, March 2013
➛ Artist Residency at Villa Karo, Benin West Africa (Nov 2012- Jan 2013)
➛ Les Animeux e plastic. Art project with children in Grand Popo, Benin , West Africa. Exhibition and performance at Villa Karo Stage 1.12.2012
➛ Moving Darkness Duet in darkness with Marko Timlin, Kino Tapiola in Espoo, Cartes Flux festival 18.10.2012
➛ re-ANIMA-ted Kiasma Performance Compost event. Helsinki 7. and 21.10.2012
➛ I Think Not, Theatre du Atelier, Carolyn Carlson, Paris 21. and 22.09.2012
➛ Stoff Stockholm Fringe fest. Happiness (installation) and I Think Not Kulturhuset 23-25.8.2012
➛ Formgivarna, Improvised solo dance performance at Eckerö Post och Tullhus 28. - 29.8.2012
➛ Skin(s) Cradle at Solstice Festival, Cork /Residency at Dance Ireland 18.6-2.7.2012
➛ New Art Contact festival/ Fake Finns and others: collaboration with Marko Timling dancing in the dark 25-26.5.2012 19:00
    Galleria Augusta/HIAP, Suomenlinna.
➛ Dancing in Nothing Fields (concept Michael Klien, curated by Giorgio Convertito), 15:00-18:00
     Followed by Meeting Point. 11.5.2012 Galleria Augusta, Suomenlinna. 19:00
➛  Masterclasses weeks 12 and 13 at Colective, Chicago. 
➛ Certain Listening: Exploring qualities of listening and the social construction of space. Carousel Lounge, Austin, TX. 6th of March
      with Jeff Pethybridge -- Poetry (Austin), Bryan Eubanks -- electronics (NYC) Chris Cogburn -- drum set and organizer (Austin)
➛ I THINK NOT choreography by Deborah Hay, adaptation and dance by Riikka Theresa Innanen 
     15th and 16th of Feb. 2012 Mercury Hall, Austin Texas, 2nd of March THEOFFCENTER, San Fransico.
➛ Skin(s) Cradle Showing at Dance House Ireland in Dublin 17:00  after our Dance Ireland residency with Isabella Oberländer.
➛ 09-10.12.2011 Improvisations with Marisa Grande, Pia Lindy, Barnaby O'Tree, etc at  Helsinki Meeting Point festival
➛ 08-12.11.2011 About To Dance (making and showing) of Video with Pia Lindy at DanseFestival Barents and Galleri Verk
➛ Luíss October '11 Dance and Music improvisation group n Austria: 
➛ 15-22.7 Seminar and Lab at Gilles Jobin Studio 44 in Geneva: GVA SESSIONS 2011: DIALOG: SOUND AND MOVEMENT
➛ 25.-28.7.2011  Lecture and paper "Ecology of Creativity and Evolution of Choreographic Strategies" at the
     7th Intelligent Environments Conference, Nottingam, England. 
➛ 13-26.6 Artist in Residence at Hotel Pupik, St. Lorenzen bei Scheifeling, Austria. Performances of the results 14.8 at Hotel Pupik 
     (film)  and 12-14.10 in Klagenfurt (film and performance).
➛ Lecture at BADco. Zagreb:  Symposium Algorithmic Reflections of Choreography / From Choreography to Software and Back
➛ NUMBER Helsinki 24.-26.2.10. Showing and Q&A Sat 26.2 15:00 Zodiak's C4 studio in Cable Factory
➛ Anima. 2.10-3.10.2010 in Telakka Theatre, Tampere.
➛ Community Project: Terveisiä Suvelasta September 26th 2010: 4V - Välitä, Vaikuta, Viihdy, Voi hyvin.
➛ Community Project: Unelmapaja (Dreams workshop) Helinä Rautavaara museo and Zodiak - Uuden tanssinkeskus.
➛ Tunnel of the Eye Performance, KokoTeatteri Helsinki 25-28.2.2010 
     and 3.5.2010 in Copenhagen, BaltoppenVad_ar_konsten_bra_for.html