Skin(s) Cradle 
solo choreography on live sculpting, alien anatomy and identity. 
Dance by Isabella Oberländer

Dancer, a sculptor in action Inspired by Louise Bourgeois: her spirit as a artist and creating art as well as her themes of identity, sexuality, physicality, feminism  - and and her complex emotional relationship with the world. 
Bourgeois' work, and the creative process we bring on stage to be witnessed, contains an immense power of a story, manifested in shapes and spaces grabbing us viscerally, emotionally and intellectually. Skins_Cadle.htmlSkins_Cadle.htmlshapeimage_12_link_0
Social Dreaming Reflections in Drawings 
Scatola Magica 
Video version of the live perfomrance Scatola_Magica.html
 UNELMA paja (Dream Workshop) 
Social Dreaming for immigrant teenagers. 
Collaboration with Helinä Rautavaara -museum, Espoo and Zodiak - Center for New Dance, Helsinki.
Listen to an interview with images (in Swedish)

  U.N.I -You and I 
 Z-score collective Helsinki and Steven Valk
during Side Step- festival 2009 in Helsinki
Raw Thinking Portraits
Illusia - 
One Minute Domestic Wonder 
A Miniature dance for camera- video with Vera NevanlinnaIlluusia.htmlIlluusia.htmlIlluusia.htmlIlluusia.htmlshapeimage_18_link_0shapeimage_18_link_1shapeimage_18_link_2
Passato  Poetry of movement, image and a dictaphone
"Moment just after forgetting and before remembering"
A study of the deconstructed time and space; the characteristics of remembering, forgetting and expectations through layers of image, sound and movement.

Passato is an Italian word describing:
Il Passato = 1) past 2) gone bye 3) former 4) puree or soup
La Passata = 1) passage 2) glance or look 3) a coat or brush of something 4) puree or soup

While Riding the Path, I looked up; A Bird
group choreography based on BMC® and anatomical atmospheres premiered at Zodiak Center for New Dance in 2008 with Anna Jussilainen, Soile Lahdenperä, Tuomas Laitinen, Heli Meklin and Riikka Theresa Innanen
Music composed and performed by Miika Hyytiäinen
Lights: Joakim Niinivirta & Innanen
Concept, Set, Video and Choreography: Riikka Theresa InnanenWhile_Riding_the_Path,_I_looked_up%3B_a_Bird.htmlWhile_Riding_the_Path,_I_looked_up%3B_a_Bird.htmlshapeimage_20_link_0

Rondo (Praxes itinérantes osa II)

An artistic dialogue on thought, process and perception with and initiated by Akseli Aittoniemi

The work consists of reading philosophical texts while moving and reflecting on the wall by writing and drawing on the walls


Scatola Magica is an instantly composed dance and video installation.

The work was created is a collaboration project with Marisa Grande and Giorgio Convertito based on the spatial set up and concept created by Innanen.

Supported originally by the Amsterdamse Fonds v/d Kunst

with additional support from Kiasma - Finnish National Museum of Modern Art.

Scatola Magica -the video, is an 8 min long independent video adaptation of the live installation.

A Walk in the Forest
duet with Giorgio Convertito.
Walk in the forest is a dance.
Walk in the forest is a peace demonstration.
Walk in the forest is a Personal revolution.  
Ballet Automécanique: Part 1: Andante ma non troppo
Dance film in a car with Carlos Pez, Marianne Langenegger and Giorgio Convertito.
Music video for pop music group Raadelma
The Fly Lake
A Miniature dance for camera- video with Vera NevanlinnaThe_Fly_Lake.htmlThe_Fly_Lake.htmlshapeimage_36_link_0
Sessions of a SeismographSessions_of_a_Seismograph.htmlSessions_of_a_Seismograph.htmlshapeimage_37_link_0

Red Door

In this piece, focuses such as Time, Silence and Transformation, create a journey in the unknown rooms of the Mind and manifest it though movement, sound and kinesthetic resonance. 

While scouting in the unseen, the question remains: who's subconscious is Piece of Ginger exploring - their own or a collective...